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Stress Gone!

Finally, some good news amid the COVID-19 crisis... for a change!

"Eliminate your pandemic-induced stress"

It has taken 30 years to perfect this natural stress management method. Now you can release stress rapidly in the moment using your body's innate intelligence and get long-term relief through therapeutic audio technology (based on Nobel Prize winning research).

Easily practice emotional first aid to eliminate your pandemic-induced stress whenever you feel like you cannot cope:

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Relieved stress Almost instantly

"Thank you Bridget for enlightening me with … simple techniques, for firstly recognising that I am feeling stress and then how to relieve it, almost in an instant."


Cape Town, South Africa

Feeling calm, happy And Empowered

"I feel calm and happy for the first time in forever, and I actually feel like I can tackle whatever comes my way. So thank you from the bottom of my heart."


Pretoria, South Africa

"Move beyond chaos, overwhelm and fear. Escape your stressors by going inside. Find peace. Then solutions will come to you."

Hello, dear reader. I am Bridget Edwards.

A lot has changed in our lives during the past few months. Our world is being shaken. People are in shock.

And as a Mental Health Therapist who specialises in holistic and natural healing, I am seeing a new crisis develop alongside COVID-19.

It is a global outbreak. Everyone is affected while nobody is immune. Yet, nobody is adequately addressing this sinister threat. 

In today's world you do not want to make decisions from the space of fear or anxiety. The best decisions are always made when you are in a state of peace and calm.

And it is quick and easy to shift your state if you know how to tap into your body's innate genius.

When this happens, you will allow stress, anxiety and worry to drain from your body. You will find your days flowing without you getting caught up in the drama of life; you will be able to watch the theatrics unfold without getting sucked in emotionally.

This allows mental clarity to emerge. And when you are thinking clearly, you can make the right decisions.

Rational decisions that help you overcome your challenges; good decisions that free you up to focus on what is most important during these troubling times:

  • safeguarding your health;
  • securing your livelihood; and
  • protecting your loved ones.

If you are sick and tired of struggling to free yourself from the stranglehold of stress without success, then I want to offer you a new possibility.

Join me in the next video where I will reveal to you my innovative method for accessing your stress neutralising 'superpower'. A process you can use to move beyond overwhelm, grief and fear amid the chaos.

You will learn how to easily escape your stressors by tapping into your body's innate genius which gives you unlimited access to 'emotional first aid'—whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Here is your opportunity to find peace, then solutions will come to you.

I will see you in the next video.

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Blessing always,

Bridget Edwards

Bridget Edwards

Ready to Lighten your stress-Load?

Not only is the approach you are about to discover a godsend in the moment when stress is shaking your screws loose, it is the ideal long-term solution for eliminating the negative effects of accumulated stress

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