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By entering the giveaway, you agree to the rules, terms and conditions presented here.

1. The promoters of the giveaway are Stress Gone! and THE|TIDES Wellness.

2. Each entrant earns 100 points by entering the giveawayEvery entrant can increase their chances to win by earning more points. Additional points are earnable by sharing the giveaway online, referring visitors or entrants and completing tasks.

3. The winners will be selected at random. However, the more points an entrant has accumulated by the closing date, the higher their likelihood of winning the grand prize or a spot prize.

4. Each person is allowed to enter the giveaway only once; multiple entries by an individual are not permitted. If an entrant is found to have multiple entries, the entrant will be disqualified immediately and all the associated entries will be voided.

5. The giveaway is limited to individuals only; companies are not allowed to enter.

6. There is no entry fee and no purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway.

7. The total retail value of the prizes is approximately $1,000. The grand prize sponsored by The|Tides is worth approximately $500. The six (6) spot prizes sponsored by Stress Gone! is worth approximately $500 in total.

8. The giveaway begins on 10 July 2020 and ends on 31 July 2020 CAT (GMT +2:00). No entries are permitted after the end date. The promoters reserve their right to change the end date. Entrants will be notified of any changes via email.

9. The seven (7) winners will be picked on 1 August 2020. While chosen randomly, the entrants with the most points have a higher chance of getting picked by the UpViral system. All the winners will then be contacted via email on the same day.

10. We will announce the winners on www.stress-gone.com, www.thetideswellness.com, through social media channels and send an email to all the entrants within forty-eight (48) hours of the closing date.

11. The grand prize will be shipped free of charge by THE|TIDES to a physical address of the winner’s choosing within seven (7) days of the closing date.

12. The promoters, Bridget Edwards at Stress Gone! can be contacted with questions by emailing support@stress-gone.com, and THE|TIDES by emailing info@thetideswellness.com.

13. The giveaway is not restricted to any region geographically. As long as the entrant can provide a physical delivery address, the entrant will be permitted to take part in the giveaway.

14. The minimum age required to enter the giveaway is eighteen (18).

15. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason.

16. Neither staff members of Stress Gone! and THE|TIDES Wellness nor direct members of their families are not permitted to enter the giveaway.

This giveaway is hosted by Stress Gone! and THE|TIDES Wellness and is not sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or any other social media or messaging platform.

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Entries for the giveaway closed on 31 July 2020.

Kindly view the email we sent to all the entrants on 1 August 2020 which announced the winners of the giveaway.



Worth $1,000 TO BE WON!

Stress can drain you mentally, physically and emotionally which makes it impossible to be at your best amid these challenging times.

Here is your chance to disconnect from your pandemic-induced distress: unwind, soothe your soul, get better sleep, increase your energy and improve your focus with the help of incredible self-care products that neutralise the negative effects of stress naturally.

Entrants from all countries are welcome and entries close on 31 July 2020.


organic wellness products Worth $1,000 to be won



Sponsored by

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Stress can drain you mentally, physically and emotionally which makes it impossible to be at your best amid these challenging times.

Here is your chance to disconnect from your pandemic-induced distress: unwind, soothe your soul, get better sleep, increase your energy and improve your focus with the help of incredible self-care products that neutralise the negative effects of stress naturally.

Entrants from all countries are welcome and entries close on 31 July 2020.

Enter for a chance to win Incredible Self-Care Products

100% Natural | Organic | Vegan | Non-Toxic | Cruelty-free

THE|TIDES is a Dutch holistic wellness brand who offers products that perform and transform. All the products are packed with high-performance, active botanical and mineral ingredients that are clean and of the highest quality and efficacy with beautiful textures and aroma therapy scents.

Entrants from all countries are welcome and entries close on 31 July 2020.

What you Get in The Grand Prize worth $500:

Peace Out Aromatherapy Balm

Peace Out — De-stressing Aromatherapy Balm


Size: 10 ml

The ultimate mood shifter. Created to bring calm, stillness and peace. Helps you to wind down before you go to sleep. Great for incorporating into your meditation or yoga practice. Ideal for travel, office and home use.

  • Natural mind-relaxer and heart opener
  • Relieves emotional mental fatigue and feelings of exhaustion
  • Has a soothing and stabilising effect on the nervous system
  • Helps to wind down and promotes a good night of healthy sleep
  • Centers both the brain and the body
Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher — Body Bath & Foot Soak


Size: 400 g

Helps reduce stress, poor sleep quality and muscle tension that results from sensory overload and overuse of technology. Has a soothing and stabilising effect when you feel tired or overwhelmed from your daily strains and stressors.

  • Improves sleep quality
  • Relieves muscle tension, anxiety and emotional stress
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Reduces symptoms of jet lag
  • Detoxifies from environmental and technological stressors
Ocean Skin Food Body Oil

Ocean Skin Food — Seaweed & Sea Buckthorn Body Oil


Size: 100 ml

Supercharge your skin and mood with this nourishing and exquisitely smelling body oil. Repairs, regenerates and revitalises the skin from the inside out and leaves your skin soft and supple. Perfect daily ritual for a naturally glowing and healthy skin. Also brilliant as an after-sun, massage, bath oil or scalp treatment.

  • Gives the skin a healthy, fresh glow
  • Improves skin structure, elasticity and firmness
  • Encourages new collagen production
  • Aids in regeneration of damaged skin cells
  • Reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks and sun damage
  • Relieves dryness, itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Easily absorbed and suitable for all skin types
Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up — Re-balancing Aromatherapy Balm


Size: 10 ml

Clears the mind, re-organise thoughts and sweeps away mental fogginess. This quick mood uplifter helps to rewire the brain for improved performance so you can execute your tasks with energy, stamina and a clear mind.

  • Helps to increase blood flow to the brain
  • Enhances cognitive brain performance
  • Re-balances and centers the mind
  • Sharpens focus and concentration
  • Promotes mental alertness and clarity
Muscle Charger

Muscle Charger — After Workout Gel


Size: 200 ml

Eases muscle tension and soreness. Deeply effective treatment for painful muscles and joints. Perfect preventative care during or after physical activity, or for anyone whose muscles and joints feel fatigued and overworked.

  • Natural muscle relaxer
  • Relieves muscle pain, cramps and joint stiffness
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Increases athletic endurance and strength performance

Liquid Chill Pill

Liquid Chill Pill — Pure Magnesium Body Oil


Size: 200 ml

Stress taxes the body in the form of muscle tension, fatigue, poor sleep quality, irritability, skin disorders, etc. This is the ultimate daily ritual to develop internal fitness and become resilient to both physical and emotional stress.

  • Reduces stress levels, muscle tension, cramps and fatigue
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Replenishes magnesium levels
  • Supports calcium absorption
  • Supports overall skin health
Salty Me

Salty Me — Magnesium & Sea Salt Body Polish


Size: 250 g

Invigorating, mineral-rich body scrub for skin with a smooth texture and radiant lustre. Polishes with magnesium and mineral-rich salt crystals to detoxify and remove pollutants. Improves circulation, leaving the skin soft and revitalised.

  • Removes impurities dead and rough textured skin
  • Boosts circulation and helps to combat cellulite
  • Detoxifying and ultra exfoliating
  • Rejuvenates and revitalises the skin
  • Firming and toning

45-Minute Online Consultation

Online consultation with a holistic health expert from THE|TIDES Wellness to discuss how you can incorporate these products into your daily self-care routine for the best results.

Bridget Edwards

additional Prizes Worth $500 to be won

In addition to the grand prize, 6 entrants will stand a chance to win empowering self-care products sponsored by Stress Gone!. So go ahead, hit the yellow button below to enter the giveaway. Thereafter, follow the simple instructions to increase your chances to win.

Entrants from all countries are welcome and entries close on 31 July 2020.

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