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Stress Gone!

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Stress Gone!

Get the ultimate guide to Natural Stress relief and Management (Download below)
Get The Ultimate Guide To Natural Stress relief and Management (Download Below)

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To help everyone in need of emotional first aid amid the global mental health pandemic we are facing, I am making hope, relief and healing available on a fair-pay basis. In return, kindly share this message to spread the good news. All contributions, no matter how big or small are appreciated. Thank you!

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Stress Gone! Cover

Stress Gone! is far more than a book on stress management, it is a holistic emotional first aid programme developed over 30 years, valued at $97 which usually sells for $37 on its own.

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Bridget Edwards

An open letter and urgent call for compassionate support from the desk of Mental Health Therapist and author, Bridget Edwards.

4 September 2020 | Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Internet Friend,

I am sure you will agree, the unprecedented scale of this pandemic and lockdown has wreaked havoc with all of our lives. 

Globally, we are now experiencing a mental health crisis. The longterm consequences will be far greater than the pandemic, and I don't want you to bear the brunt. 

Sadly, millions of us are already grappling with financial and relationship challenges, unemployment, homelessness, and for some, starvation.

Without sounding glib, please know you are not alone - I understand how difficult this is because I have also been affected.

Under the current circumstances, it is both natural and normal to be feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, anxious, angry,  fearful, lonely, depressed and stressed, or traumatised.

As reported on and other news outlets, many doctors have tragically had to deal with more deaths by suicide than COVID-19. 

This is heartbreaking!

If you are feeling distressed, I am offering help and support

I am sure you would much prefer to be feeling calm, in control, happier, safer and more secure within?  

To have better quality sleep, and cope more effectively?

When you know how, emotional freedom and peace of mind is easily attainable - even during turbulent, stressful or traumatic times.

Since 2007, I have helped 100's upon 100's of clients across the globe. I love what I do, and it is an absolute joy to help people overcome their stress-induced issues through my Stress Gone! method and therapy work.

Today, I am making my valuable, tried and tested, holistic emotional first aid, stress relief and healing methods available to you via my Stress Gone! book. 

This book has received wonderful recommendations from my clients and readers.  In South Africa, my book (and work) has also received generous media coverage. 

Many need help but most are just trying to survive

My diary should be fully booked given the current need for mental health support.

But, the sad truth is a large number of people are struggling financially and holding on to every cent.

Millions have lost their businesses, jobs, homes and more, so putting food on the table—rather than getting much-needed therapy—is their number one priority.

That is understandable because this is a matter of survival and the cost of therapy is a real problem!

Stress Gone! book reader reviews

Life-changing book

"Your book 'Stress Gone' is life changing."

David Arthur

Advanced Fellow Regenerative & Functional Medicine, Johannesburg

Simple language and practical exercises

"Thank you very much for ... Stress Gone. I have just completed reading it and found it to be very interesting. I particularly like the simple language and practical exercises. Congratulations on a successful book."

Dr. Dhesan G. Moodley, MMed Sc Metabolic Nutritional Medicine (USF), MMed Sport Science (UCT), MbChB (UKZN), MBA (UCT) 

Johannesburg, South Africa

Highly recommended read

"Bridget beautifully and strategically encapsulates the ability to centre and control the outcomes of one's own behaviour response to life's many challenges in her dynamic and instructive Stress Gone! guide. A highly recommended read for anyone who is human and affected by life's stress!"

Dr. Sandrina Haeck

Clinical Psychologist, Johannesburg

Well-researched and systematic

"Bridget's book is a comprehensive and well organised approach to dealing with stress. It’s thorough, well researched and systematic. This approach is always the best when it comes to life changing outcomes."

Tim Phizackerley

Therapist, United Kingdom

Breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs

"Bridget Edwards has a keen sense of what it takes to manage stress, and importantly harness it at the right times to make a difference. She brings her own extensive knowledge, life experience, and expertise to the table in the this book, which will be a breath of fresh air to all those entrepreneurs currently battling stress as they build their businesses."

Melanie Hawken

Founder and editor-in-chief of Lionesses of Africa, Johannesburg

Feeling calm, happy and empowered again

The entire programme is actually fun and relaxing although it is all about stress. The exercises given are absolutely amazing in how quickly and effectively it helps to de-stress. ALL of them work. I actually get a good night's sleep more often than not, which was foreign to me. I went from a person who contemplated suicide every day to someone who has a goal for my life.


Pretoria, South Africa

The potential to change your life

"This course is much more than just a course to make stress go away – it is an invaluable tool which can benefit people to help themselves and others in their walk through life, through pain, healing, traumas, joy, and all the colourful things in between. The relaxation exercises are very helpful, easy to do and can be done anywhere. The content in the book is something I will refer back to many times to come. If applied correctly, this course has the potential to change your life."


Cape Town, South Africa

Many need help but most are just trying to survive

With many people simply trying to survive - to put food on the table - therapy is an additional, and unaffordable expense right now.

Understandably, no one really wants to be 'in therapy' either.

Medication is also not the answer. Besides the monthly costs, and nasty side effects, drugs are simply a temporary bandaid - numbing or masking all the symptoms, but not addressing the root cause of the problem.

So, I am offering you a valuable, tried and tested solution.

I know my Stress Gone! book can, and will make a difference to your life.  

Not only now, but in the future too.  

In fact, you can apply this knowledge, and techniques to any day-to-day stressful situation you may be faced with.  This could also be something from your past, the present, and or the future.

The application of these ever-green principles remain the same.

Drawn from over 30 years of my personal experiences (with my own stress and trauma), I developed Stress Gone! as an easy, simple system that packs a powerful punch!

This knowledge and understanding is what go me out of a deep, dark hole years ago, and has since helped 100's of people around the globe too.

I would love nothing more than you to also benefit - right here, right now. 

Get my Stress Gone! book on a fair-pay basis

Here is my vulnerable, honest truth - due to the pandemic, I am also in need of financial support.  But, I refuse to ask for money without giving something valuable in return. 

Perhaps you are in the same boat; in need of help and support but unable to ask due to your financial situation.

So, I am offering you an 'energy exchange'.

Due to the magnitude of an impending global mental health crisis, I am making Stress Gone! available for download, thus providing vital mental and emotional first aid, stress relief and healing immediately available to everyone. 

All I ask in return, is a contribution, 'Pay What Your Heart Feels' and social sharing to benefit others who are also in need - paying it forward.

Is that a fair request?

If you honestly cannot afford to pay anything, that's alright.

Please download a copy as my gift of love and compassion to help you through these turbulent, troubling times.

Discover The Stress Gone! Method

Stress Gone! is far more than a book on stress management. It is a natural, holistic emotional first aid, which forms the foundation of my Stress Gone! Method programme.

Having poured 30 years worth of my most useful emotional and mental health knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and experience into this, Stress Gone! is my magnum opus.

My innovative approach works with the body's innate intelligence. This also includes a therapeutic audio technology (based on Nobel Prize winning research) to rapidly neutralise all stressful aspects, naturally. This can also be applied to neutralising anger, fears, grief, addiction, depression and trauma - all of which are stressful.

The book has 353 pages, is divided into four parts, and guides you through a simple and logical process for gaining immediate and long-term relief from your stressors:

  • Understand stress: both positive and negative aspects, and the effects on your body and mind.
  • 16 simple stress relief exercises: test each one, then choose which suits you best.
  • 50 holistic lifestyle approaches: try each or select which fits your immediate needs.
  • Therapeutic audio technology: an internationally recognised system (based on Nobel prize winning research) that helps you to neutralise the mental health challenges you may be facing (effective within as little as 11 minutes).

Part 1 – Discover and understand the fundamentals of stress 

Chapters 1 to 15 covers the fundamentals of stress including when, how and why stress manifests. We are the sum total of our past experiences, and more specifically our past determines who we are today.

Therefore, the past is particularly important to address, specifically events or issues like buried and forgotten memories or unresolved trauma. More often than not these form the foundation of your current stressors, also known as ‘root causes’.

Burying your head in the sand like an ostrich serves no one, least of all you and your highest good. Equipped with this awareness, knowledge and understanding you are more likely to deal with and overcome your stress successfully.

This information, and your subsequent realisations, is therefore intended to provide you with suitable material (or issues) for the workbook section of the program. In the workbook section you will immediately be able to begin neutralising your stressors or stress related issues.

Part 2 – Sixteen exercises and fifty strategies for stress relief

Chapter 16 provides sixteen practical remedial exercises to employ in day-to-day stressful situations. These exercises are simple and easy to do, yet profound. Don’t be fooled by their simplicity.

Chapter 17 contains 50 useful strategies to help reduce, and successfully manage contributing stress factors. Successfully manage your stress, and you will be less likely to become emotional, overwhelmed and react in an irrational manner.

Applying the recommendations contained within both these chapters can provide you with immediate relief, significant benefits and radically change your life.

Part 3 – Workbook, worksheets and advanced audio technique

Chapters 18 and 19 comprises the workbook, worksheets and cutting-edge audio technology which is based on Nobel Prize winning research. Using this internationally recognised and guided auditory process, you can systematically dismantle, resolve and neutralise your current, and or past stressors or stress-related issues like never before.

In fact, as you work with this technique you will soon realise how profound this audio tool is, and in time will be able to expand your use of it into other meaningful areas in your life. It offers a myriad of applications, and could well be a complete life changer for you as it has been for countless others around the world.

Part 4 – How to achieve the ultimate emotional freedom

The final section, chapters 20 and 21 provides additional information and support to achieve the ultimate emotional freedom from unresolved or past issues.

The remainder of the guide can propel your personal growth in the most profound manner, far beyond what you may have thought possible. This is where the advanced audio technique may truly open your awareness of what else is possible.

This is no ordinary self-help program.

Stress Gone! helps you address stresses such as:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Addictions
  • Grief and loss
  • Work-related stress
  • And more...

Have a look at the book's table of contents along with some reviews from stress-relieved readers below to learn more.

Stress Gone! Contents

Together, we will get through this

Be encouraged. Hold onto hope. We have a bright future ahead of us.

We will get through this challenging time with profound changes for the better and new ideas for the future.

Without sounding sanctimonious, I believe humanity has been on a destructive path for far too long. For the most part, many of us have lived unhealthy, superficial or fake lifestyles, and have been in denial about it all.

Now, it is time to step up, dig deep and address our individual "stuff".

This is the time to start living honest and simple lives, in harmony with the planet, mother Nature, and all creatures great and small.

Yes, change is painful, and we are grieving the loss of normality as we knew it prior to the pandemic. But ultimately, you and I can only move forward when we start living in truth, from the heart, shining our light brightly.

As the saying goes, "this too shall pass" and by the grace of God, we can help each other through this! 

Take time out for important self-care and self-mastery 

If you do, you will be equipped to cope, adapt and find resilience within, and become able to resolve whatever discomfort, pain and suffering you are struggling with now and in the future.

It is an essential, simple and practical life skill that will help make all the difference in how you get up in the morning and face your responsibilities.

It will change how you deal with work, relationships, anxiety, anger, grief and loss, stress, and the overwhelming details of daily life right now. 

Just imagine how empowered you will feel when you have the ability to stop all your stressful thoughts and feelings of anxiety and panic dead in their tracks, at will.

What a relief that could be!

Uncomplicated and inexpensive, you can get real and lasting stress relief faster than you think.

You are about to get your hands on techniques and tools that WORK.

Now you can hit pause and release all those nagging worries that are racing through your mind all day long.

Do not leave empty handed. Download my Stress Gone! book, and make a contribution if you can afford to—even if it is only R10 or $1—any amount helps.

Thank for your support. I appreciate it! 

May Stress Gone! bring you much comfort, relief and joy just as its done for many others.

I wish you love and profound peace, from my heart and home to you and yours wherever you are in the world.

Blessings always,

Bridget Edwards

P.S. Stress Gone! can help you and many others too, so why not tell your friends, colleagues and family?

Share this, and together let's bring emotional first aid to others around the world.

please support my caUse

Stress Gone! Cover

Stress Gone! is far more than a book on stress management, it is a holistic emotional first aid programme developed over 30 years, valued at $97 which usually sells for $37 on my website.

Step 1: Download

Immediate access. No email required.

Unrestricted; email not required to download.

Step 2: Contribute

Contribute any amount. Minimum $1 covers processing fees.

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Bridget Edwards

An open letter and urgent call for compassionate support from the desk of renowned Mental Health Therapist and author, Bridget Edwards.

4 September 2020 | Cape Town

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If you are overwhelmed Right Now, here are Two possibilities to explore

Stress Gone! Method Programme
Bridget Edwards
Stress Gone! Method Programme

Stress Gone! Method Programme

The Pandemic Edition of my programme was specially created for help you get through the stress of this pandemic.

It shows you how to practice emotional first aid whenever you feel like you cannot cope.

Quickly shift from a state of distress to one of peace and calm so you can protect your loved ones and livelihood.

Stress Gone! Method Consultations

During the last 13 years, I have helped individuals from all walks of life to 'see the light' during their darkest days.

With my guidance, you can overcome whatever obstacle you are facing and move towards creating your desired future.

If you are ready for a profound personal transformation, book an online consultation with me for fast and guaranteed relief.

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